The Challenge To Soar!

The Ibises are a group of long-legged wading birds in the family Threskiornithidae.  Ibis are gangly birds with a large wingspan.  As they take flight they appear awkward, but with perseverance and grace they rise and soar. Intrepid, they like to wander beyond their comfort range.

The ibis is a symbol of learning. 

Venerated in Ancient Egypt, the Sacred Ibis was associated with the god, Thoth, whose roles in Egyptian mythology are numerous, none more important than scribe of the gods.  Thoth is credited with the invention of writing and alphabets, important tools of continuous learning. 

Soaring Ibis, LLC is the brainchild of Carole Engelder, whose guiding principle is that "growth is the only sign of life."  Growth means continuous improvement, continuous learning, continuous self-challenge.  Although a long time fitness runner, Carole took up the 26.2-mile marathon challenge in 1994, after a co-worker nonchalantly asserted, "you can do it."  Over the next decade-plus, Carole completed numerous endurance events, including 20 marathons and 3 half-ironman distance triathlons. 

The Soaring Ibis Running Improvement Program was created with Eva Moldovanyi to give others the tools, guidance and challenge to improve, while achieving goals.  Eva Moldovanyi is also an endurance runner and triathlete, usually winning event or age group awards.  Eva has completed 27 marathons and isn't done yet.  Among Carole and Eva's favorite events were the Napa Valley Marathon and Vineman Half Ironman Triathlon in Sonoma County, were they observed, while soaring by, the intricacies and nuances of growing grapes and producing wine.  The Wine Ibis seminar series was initiated to share knowledge and increase awareness of the wonders of wine.  Learning opportunities for growth are infinite, lending life every possibility to soar.  Art Deco Ibis will be started in the near future to learn about a short-lived, but stunning architectural style.